Colour blocking for summer.

One way to update your look this S/S17 season is through the introduction of colour. And this season a lot of the Fashionista are seen to be colour blocking. We aren't talking the classic all-in-one colour blocking here of variations of a tone, but clashing bold colours to make a real impact.

Two colours that a lot of us would never dream of wearing together is red and pink. However, looking at some of the amazing street style outfits spotted at the NYC, London and Paris Fashion Weeks this colour combo is worth giving a try! Plus, when mixing colours, there are no rules. Spotted outside all the hot fashions shows were gorgeous ladies mixing their colours, prints, fabrics AND textures.

For those of us who's wardrobe is more 'Fifty Shades of Grey', than every colour of the rainbow, the thought of introducing a colour pop to you everyday outfits can break us out in a sweat!

Wearing black or lots of dark colours is a safety net, black always goes with black (and grey!). It helps us blend in, but wearing colours can help enhance and brighten our moods, and the moods of those around us. After all, the phrase 'pink to make the boys wink' came from somewhere...Keeping things colourless is much easier than having lots of colours and not knowing how to pull together an complimenting outfit.

But, think of it this way; pink and red is a strong colour combo. According to colour psychology a red/ burgundy can help make you feel stable, grounded and centered. The rich shade also helps you make decisions. Pink on the other hand is the colour of love and opens you up to self love - whats not to love about that!?

The trick for us fellow monochrome lovers; is to introduce the colour gradually. To start with try a bold red top, with pink accessories or maybe a bright pink lip, combine it with your trusty denim for that extra safety net. You will grow to love the colour and soon be introducing a lot more into your wardrobe, giving it a new lease of life, and doing what the Fashionistas do; wearing colour with confidence.

Try combining a dress in one colour, with a clashing jacket or coat, or even shoes. It's easier than you think just to throw on. Plus this colourful mico-trend isn't just for glam or smart outfits; it can be dressed down too.

Try a flowing striped skirt with a motif t-shirt, or a bold coloured skirt or trousers with a simple top and a bright bag. The combinations are endless; it's just about finding your confidence and going for it!

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Guest writer: Emma Jenkins

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